Personal Growth

warriors battling for truth and mirrors

How NOT to Save the World (or, How to Use a Magic Mirror)

“These values must be protected. It is our sacred duty to uphold the pillars of our society and its traditions. The enemies of our way of life must be stopped - by any means necessary.” ~ Caricature of something you might hear in a movie We all

golden rule - winding path through autumn forest

The Golden Rule Is Still Golden

One of the first lessons I learned as a toddler also happens to be one of the most important lesson I’ve learned to this day. I was about four years old, and my mom sat me down on the edge of the bed one evening

cave entrance

The Cave

I can remember the exact day that I became a “man”. Only a "quote" man because I think that becoming an adult human is a ongoing process that doesn’t have an end result, like arriving at Paris after a long flight, but is rather a life-long